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salary guide eBookSince our inaugural Salary Guide, we have witnessed the intensification of the War for Talent. The average job vacancy now remains open for 28 days, a full week longer than a decade ago. For those positions that are not filled in the first three weeks, there is a 57% chance they will remain open for more than three months. Salary remains the foremost differentiator between organizations that acquire IT talent and those who suffer from diminished productivity and revenue. This edition of the CoSourcing Partners Salary Guide compiles salary data, industry trends, workplace issues, and the hiring outlook to offer insights to make 2017 the year our client organizations win the War for Talent. We hope it allows you to help budget and accurately compensation your talent.

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From our extensive involvement with the Chicago and Omaha IT markets, we have identified significant regional trends. Click the location below for a city-specific guide.


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