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Automation Incubator Partnership

In Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engagements it is crucial that the business requirements are accurate, and that development and testing are in skilled hands. Unfortunately, with decreased unemployment, there is a lack of skilled individuals available. To help solve that obstacle and train the next generation of developers CoSourcing Partners has established the U.S. Robotic Process Automation Incubator Partner Program.

CoSourcing Partners’ Automation Incubator has expertise in all robotic process automation technologies, and can be scheduled on-demand. This is the only Automation Incubator of this kind in the United States.

With specialized programs designed for analysts, developers, project managers and leadership groups, our training programs significantly reduce long-term cost, and accelerates automation initiatives. Over time, our clients can become entirely self-sufficient, or may wish to partner together and build ongoing RPA teams to provide deeper technical experience and continued resource flexibility.

The Incubator partnership is custom designed to develop client strategy and road-maps (including automation process prioritization), process documents, automation process documents and once in production our consultants provide on-demand support.

CoSourcing Partners provides high-level consultants who have the skills necessary to provide accurate documentation, development, training, and implementation to support your organization’s internal automation initiatives.

The Automation Incubator’s custom training program provides core process automation developer training customized in areas such as advanced situational automation, process assessment methodology, operational framework design, sales enablement, and solution architecture and design. Through these courses clients build accredited core teams with experience in key areas such as:


  • Process automation development and testing
  • Business process assessment (identification and automation potential)
  • Requirements specification (process definition and mapping)
  • Business case development

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