A Low-Risk Way to Evaluate Future Employees

Contract-to-Hire Solutions

For organizations that desire a permanent employee to fill a role but are unsure if they can immediately make that full hire, we offer staff on a contract-to-hire basis. CoSourcing Partners will fill your open role with one of our hand-picked experts with the intention of transitioning that talent fully into your business at an unspecified later date. The terms of that transition will be predetermined and agreed upon at the beginning of the relationship, setting the stage for a smooth and streamlined changeover.

This method of staffing provides many advantages to your organization. Not only does it allow you to fully evaluate the talent’s actual on-the-job performance in your work setting to ensure it meets your standards, but it also allows you time to determine your budget and headcount capacities. All of these uncertainties that sometimes leave roles open for too long are alleviated, essentially buying you time and providing immediate support and production.

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