Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation Service Provider

CoSourcing Partners’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Integration Services approach to implementing RPA automation is helping clients optimize operations by bringing the right resources to them to help automate their processes. As a RPA services firm we can help scale up RPA talent bases that have expertise in effective implementation and change management programs. By taking the lead and investing in training individuals on the leading RPA software products CoSourcing Partners will advise & help implement the RPA solutions that increase efficiency, free up capacity, and lower overhead for our clients.


U.S. Automation Incubator Partner

Operational Assessments, Architects, Developers, Project Leads, Analysts – Let us help augment and support your RPA COE talent strategies with our structured sourcing model by directly connecting with our qualified RPA talent pools to identify and source the best possible candidates.


RPA Services Integrator Partner

Maximize your RPA investment with our in-house U.S. based team that consists of On-Demand RPA SME’s, Architects, Analysts and Developers. We are the only RPA services firm to provide and leave behind strategic transformation roadmaps that entail prioritization, process documents, business cases, automation process documents, timelines for delivery and investment. Once in production we provide a metrics comparison that justifies the business case. This includes mentoring of client resources through the process.

RPA Training Partner

RPA Developer, RPA Awareness, RPA Business Analyst, RPA Infrastructure and Kryon Systems certifications.

Client Testimonials

“A regional healthcare provider allowed RPA to input and submit claims. As a result, their overall average TAT was reduced to 19 days. That resulted in a 63% cashflow improvement for $3B in revenue. The outcome also yielded an average $23.43/claim of increased revenue. Due to generating revenue faster than the rest of the industry, their credit rating improved.”

“Automating the provisioning of PC’s for new staff and refreshes for existing staff have shown positive ROI. PC’s did not always show up on time at the training site specific to a new employee. That meant the new hire lost out on hands on training in the class, and that the PC had to be reshipped to the employee’s permanent location. A Robot now provisions the PC the day the employee is set up in the HR system which is usually two weeks before the training date. Savings on shipments alone were $87,000.”

“A robot was created and deployed to read vendor invoices for a global company. This robot increased productivity to 9:1 (compared to human workers) due to the robot handling 3 shifts with no downtime.”

If you’ve already established an RPA Center of Excellence and would like a partner to staff it, we are here.

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