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Ready, Set, Go! – The Robotic Process Automation Solution


CoSourcing Partners is proud to offer Robotic Process Automation expertise as a solution to clients seeking increased efficiency and the reduction of operational costs. Our project managers and developers have proven experience assessing environments, discovering optimized process improvements, and implementing custom automated procedures that streamline tasks and increase capabilities. Our three-stage Ready, Set, Go process culminates in the establishment of an RPA center of excellence for clients. This is a cost-effective and long-term solution that, when tailored to a client, provides increased innovation throughout the enterprise allowing a workforce to focus on strategic business critical missions instead of tedious and repetitive process tasks. On average, one robot is able to complete the same amount of work as three human employees. This increased capacity creates conditions for building a competitive edge in both customer satisfaction and enterprise agility.

Robotic Process Automation Solutions - Ready!



What is RPA?


RPA is a system agnostic software program used to create and automate process flows. These process flows are based on what human workers do every single day. They include signing on to various applications automatically, working with legacy systems, web portals, and desktop applications. For example, a worker in an administrative role often needs to pull data from disparate sources (such as web portals, legacy systems, and ERP systems), logging in and out of a variety of programs. RPA can do the same steps more quickly and without mistakes, freeing up the worker to focus on more critical activities. RPA does not replace any of the systems within an environment, or access the code for that matter. Instead, it sits on top of and links together programs already installed within the environment. This makes it non-disruptive to day-to-day business, allowing for seamless integration into the IT environment.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is changing the way that business gets done. Outsourcing and custom development have hit the point of diminishing returns for organizations looking to improve their processes and increase efficiency.

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