Automating Expense Audits

– Case Description

A large fortune 100 enterprise was having problems with dealing with cumber- some expense reports. Checking hundreds of expense reports and accompanying documents each week tied up valuable employee time, and cost the company money due to discrepancies and errors slipping through the cracks.


Through a competitive bid process, the Client ended up selecting one of the lead-
ing one of the leading RPA software vendors to help.

During installation and set-up, CoSourcing Partners came in and conducted a week
long operational assessment to create process document and a development

Over the next 4 weeks, a seasoned RPA development team came on-site and pro-
grammed, tested, and put into production a fully automated expense audit robot.


Post RPA implementation, 25% of the sampled reports had errors. 75% of those
errors had a negative financial impact to the company. Through increased sam-
pling and consistent review, these audits resulted in annual cost avoidance of

Subsequently, they increased the robot to perform audits on 100% of
reports leading to significantly more cost avoidance.

Additionally, the robot provided analysis of the types of errors, leading to the re-
wording of policies, and eliminating the external audit scope.


A one-week assessment results in a strategic roadmap, process documents, and a development action plan outlining the timeline and resources needed


Over 4 weeks of development and testing, a team of RPA professionals was able to implement a fully-automated system to audit and approve expense reports


Putting the robot into production created 120 hours of capacity every month while also saving the company $315,00 over the first year.

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