April 15, 2021

5 Best Robotics Companies 2021

5 Best Robotics Companies 2021

CoSourcing Partners is honored to be recognized by CIO Bulletin’s 5 Best Robotics Companies 2021. COO Carl Brewer recently spoke to CIO to discuss CSP’s history, vision, and revolutionary services. Most notably, CSP has recently launched two innovative solutions; our Privatized Automation Cloud and RPA Managed Services.

In the April 2021 edition, Brewer shares how CSP leverages their SAE16-II Datacenter and in-house RPA Cloud Teams to provide clients a 48% cost savings on their UiPath team structure alone. Brewer further states, “We guarantee implementation of 1 automation every month.” With an automation development rate that exceeds the industry average by 38%, interest in this service is surging because businesses today are eager to boost ROI in their RPA programs.

He also explained how the RPA Cloud program led to the conception of another; the industry’s first heterogeneous Automation Managed Services Support program, also hosted in CSP’s secure datacenter, providing 24/7/365 monitoring, maintenance, and support for automations. “We’ve found that even mature RPA programs are spending over twenty-five percent of development time on break-fix activities. Our certified development team can remotely resolve these, allowing our clients’ internal teams to fully focus on developing new automations.”

Brewer’s expert team can also offer development feedback & recommendations to their client’s teams to optimize future developments against errors. Today, we monitor more than 2,000 automations on behalf of our clients.

Click here to read the full interview & view the 2021 5 Best Robotics Companies, or contact us to request a PDF version.

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