May 8, 2018

CATS Software: The Choice Software of CoSourcing Partners

CATS Software and cosourcing partners partnership

At CoSourcing Partners, we are redefining how work gets done. CATS has given us the flexibility and customization in an ATS that we need to make that true.

Like all Staffing & Consulting firms, our business depends on speed to market. By taking our public Job Orders and posting them directly to Indeed, our jobs are getting into the hands of qualified candidates quicker than the competition. When candidates come to our website we are able to make the application process a little less painful by utilizing their WordPress plugin on our website. By having the candidates load their prebuilt resume from Indeed, we save our candidates time and hassle.

The best candidate is one that has already been vetted (or even better, previously placed). CATS’ robust search feature saves our team time by being easily searchable through both keyword and Boolean means. These searches, coupled with custom-made lists of previously vetted candidates, increase our teams’ speed to market.

Using CATS has allowed us to automate the most tedious tasks in the recruiting process. With their automated workflow features and custom triggers that perform tasks such as creating calendar entries to ensure follow-ups, CATS’ forward-thinking recruiting software allows us to keep our award-winning recruiting process smooth and efficient.

Manually filling out Right-to-Represents, Corporation Agreements, and On-boarding documents takes time away from our recruiters to do what they do best- recruit. CATS’ openness to third-party tools, like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), allows us to automate the most repetitive tasks with an almost nonexistent error rate. With CATS, our recruiters save precious time without sacrificing quality.

Customization in CATS is incredible. Demographic information, account statuses, pipeline management, forms, selectors – nearly everything can be selected and changed to your liking. Each of our clients have their own process. Being able to customize the workflows for each one gives us greater insight to where our candidates are in the process at a moment’s glance.

With the built-in features along with the customization and flexibility, CATS gives us the opportunity to service our clients and grow our business in an easy, efficient manner.

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