As your organization begins their automation Journey, it is paramount that you have an implementation and development roadmap.



Robotic Process Automation is a system agnostic software program used to create and automate process flows. CoSourcing Partners will assess current systems, map a plan with optimized processes, implement the approved recommendations, and then measure the success of the programs.








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CoSourcing Partners, in our capacity as a Full-Suite Robotic Process Automation Service Provider offers a robust assessment to make sure that your RPA initiatives have all the tools to ensure a successful implementation (the number of opportunities assessed will determine the length of engagement, but normally twenty opportunities can be assessed in a week).


Our Incubator Partnership will help identify the skill-gaps in your environment and create an action-plan to help resolve those gaps. Our incubator has expertise in providing innovation analysts, architects, and developers.


RPA Opportunity Identification Training Updated



Following the assessment, your organization will be left with multiple actionable documents to help your automation projects.



Process Design Document
(Approved by Client)

Demonstrate the Changes

Produce the Robots

Implement the Optimized Processes

Test the Automation

Begin Producing Metrics



As your RPA development and implementations become more mature, you will need a specialized department for oversight and governance of the robots. Our RPA Consultancy will help stand up your Center of Excellence and pave the way for your organization’s RPA sustainability.


Minimum Operational Cost Savings

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