March 11, 2020, Chicago — CoSourcing Partners, a full-suite Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services Provider, has been named one of the “Top 10 Robotic Process Automation Consulting/Service Companies of 2020” by CIO Applications.

By offering a full suite of RPA consulting services, CoSourcing Partners has been able to differentiate themselves by “teaching their clients how to fish,” at any stage of their automation journey. The strategic opportunity assessment begins with training clients on how to identify processes that make good candidates for automation. CoSourcing Partners will assess current systems, map a plan with optimized processes (including business cases, opportunity prioritization, and development road map) and put in place a system to measure the success of the programs. CoSourcing Partners also recommends RPA software products to find the product(s) that best suits their business needs. 

CoSourcing Partners also performs 15 Day Automation Opportunity Assessments. The first week onsite and the second week off-site.  On the 15th day the customer will have a completed work product that includes 20 of their processes, modeled and ranked according to a payback model that outlines (ROI) return on investment. .

Recent research indicates that 83% of US companies are going to be making investments in RPA technology over the next year. As RPA technology becomes more ubiquitous within enterprise environments it’s important to make sure your implementation partner has proven RPA experience within the four pillars of RPA Infrastructure, Solutions Architecture, Business Process Analyst, and Development.  By partnering with only the top RPA software providers located in the upper right hand corner of Gartner’s magic quadrant such as UiPath, Kryon Systems, NICE, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere, CoSourcing Partners is equipped with the expertise needed to ensure successful process automations get developed and put into production.

“Being named as a Top 10 RPA Service Company by CIO Applications is an honor. It reinforces the value that we bring to clients who have either already made an investment in RPA solutions, or are thinking of bringing RPA into their environment,“ says Rita Brunk, Executive Vice President of RPA, “The main differentiator is that we don’t just do development, but coach, mentor, and train while partnering  with the client. In other words, we teach them how to “fish. “

About the CoSourcing Partners

CoSourcing Partners™ is a Chicago-based Robotic Process Automation and IT Services Company. Our portfolio of professional RPA solutions and IT services enables our partners to maximize their investments and capacity in the achievement of business goals and the realization of rapid returns. We are a dedicated team of professionals who value long-term relationships and take pride in achieving customer satisfaction. The company has quickly developed a track record of highly successful automation and IT projects by delivering top talent and employing RPA proprietary tools to build and maintain workforce performance.

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