Chicago, Ill (October 29, 2019) — Every year companies throughout Chicago compete to be named one of “Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®.” Only companies that distinguish themselves as having the most innovative and thoughtful human resources approach can be bestowed this honor.

This year, CoSourcing Partners was recognized with the 2019 Elite Recruitment, Selection, and Orientation award by the National Association for Business Resources. Utilizing emerging technology such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence they have innovated the traditional method of staffing and recruitment- increasing the quality of sourced candidates while decreasing the time-to-fill critical positions.

CoSourcing Partners’ Intelligent Sourcing Robots have created a risk and resource free way for clients to pipeline, source, and qualify candidates for their in-demand open positions. Integrating the Intelligent Sourcing Robots into their environment has led to increased pipelines and reduced time to fill for their open roles. For example, one client averaged 10 candidate submissions a week, but post implementation of the Intelligent Sourcing Robots they averaged over 24 submissions a week.

The Intelligent Sourcing robots free up time for recruiters by performing the same rote tasks the human employee performs while sourcing, such as visiting job boards, running searches, screening resumes, and then curating the results. Automating these tasks allows internal recruiters to spend more of their time with the candidates, finding the best candidate for their environment rather than having to invest their time in searching for potential matches.

“By leveraging our robotics expertise inside our core business of staffing & consulting we have created a platform that takes the guesswork out of sourcing quality candidates, giving time back to the hiring managers so that they can focus on their core duties.” Vice President of RPA, Rita Brunk.

An independent research firm evaluates each company’s entry, based on key measures in various categories. They include Compensation, Benefits and Employee Solutions; Employee Enrichment, Engagement and Retention; Employee Education and Development; Recruitment, Selection and Orientation; Employee Achievement and Recognition; Communication and Shared Vision; Diversity and Inclusion; Work-Life Balance; Community Initiatives; and Strategic Company Performance.

About the CoSourcing Partners

CoSourcing Partners™ is a Chicago-based Robotic Process Automation and IT Services Company. Our portfolio of professional RPA solutions and IT services enables our partners to maximize their investments and capacity in the achievement of business goals and the realization of rapid returns. We are a dedicated team of professionals who value long-term relationships and take pride in achieving customer satisfaction. The company has quickly developed a track record of highly successful automation and IT projects by delivering top talent and employing RPA proprietary tools to build and maintain workforce performance.

About the Best and Brightest Programs

The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® is a program of the National Association for Business Resources that provides the business community with the opportunity to gain recognition, showcase their best practices and demonstrate why they are an ideal place for employees to work. This national program celebrates those companies that are making better business, creating richer lives and building a stronger community as a whole. The “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® has an annual symposium and award galas presented in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Houston, Milwaukee, San Diego, and San Francisco. Nominations are now being accepted for all programs. Visit to obtain an application.