HINSDALE, Illinois (November 16, 2018) – CoSourcing Partners, , along with UiPath and Code Ninjas, announced today that Team United, the 2018 Suburban Parochial Football League Junior Varsity Silver Playoff Champions, has received the local “Introduction to Coding Scholarship.” This scholarship opportunity offers free computer coding and automation training to middle school students.

To lay the foundation for the students to gain proficiency in these new skills, Westmont-based CoSourcing Partners will underwrite and facilitate this scholarship program at the new childhood education center “Code Ninjas,” where coding is fun and rewarding. Kids will work to develop problem solving, math, and collaborative skills while they progress through their curriculum.

Additionally, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company UiPath has supplied the team with Robot Packs that let the students download, build, and customize ten fun and useful robots to gain an understanding of the real-life applications of automation. One RPA project the kids are excited to start includes bots that will compile and project fantasy football lineups and performance projections, as well as a robot for cataloging baseball cards, other trading cards, and coin values.

“We want to provide the kids with skills that will help them pursue future dreams,” said Scott Upp, CEO & President of CoSourcing Partners. “We are honored to announce this scholarship, which reflects our commitment and belief that this next generation of youths will find coding and automation as a core skill within the global marketplace. We are grateful to our partner UiPath for providing Team United with downloadable robots and to Code Ninjas for enabling kids to learn to code through game-based curriculum that teaches teamwork, logic, math and problem-solving skills.”

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About UiPath: Built for both business and IT, UiPath is the leading platform for enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA). More than 1,800 business customers and government agencies use UiPath’s Enterprise RPA platform to rapidly deploy software robots that perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations. Learn more by visiting at www.uipath.com

About Code Ninjas: Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and we’re just getting started. Code Ninjas believes that there’s never been a more exciting time to advance our culture – starting with our youngest ones. Every kid deserves the chance to unlock their innate, unlimited capacity to learn. Learn more by visiting www.codeninjas.com