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Discover 5 provides a proven step-by-step approach to identify, analyze, and prioritize your top automation opportunities. Our experts handle the heavy lifting to build your business case and tailor an implementation roadmap to your needs.

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The first step is to request a custom quote to get your automation initiative off the ground. Our team will be in touch right away to discuss your goals, processes, and the best path forward. The small upfront investment provides tremendous value and insights to set you up for automation success.
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Hear From Discover 5 Clients

Dan Svoboda, Dir. of Finance at Lindsay Corporation

“We started with a Discovery Program and within 2 years we were able to realize over $5M in savings with our Automation Program.”

Joe Neal, CIO at Heniff Transportation

“I can count on one hand the number of successful implementations I’ve experienced over a 30-year period. CoSourcing Partners RPA implementation is one of those successful implementations. We were able to realize saving over $640,000 in just 4 months.”

Kelli Singer, COO at Nordic Energy

“We couldn’t have been more pleased with the Discovery Process! We uncovered opportunities that represent over 6.9 FTEs in payback. Our 1st automation has been running flawlessly and we are excited to begin our next automation project with CoSourcing Partners.”

Our Proven Approach

The Discover 5 Methodology

Process Identification Training

Equip your team with the skills to continuously uncover automation opportunities.

Stakeholder Workshops

Collaboratively pinpoint processes ripe for automation across departments.

Hands-On Process Analysis

Get detailed visibility into workflows and quantify savings opportunities.

Detailed Process Efficiencies Review

Understand how to optimize workflows through step-by-step analysis.

Discover 5 Results

34 Completed in 2023

Hours Saved

Savings Identified


Average ROI per Automation

Month Payback Period

Discover 5 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Discover 5 process take?

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The Discover 5 Process is designed to be completed within three weeks. Based on the number of departments participating we have seen several extend into five weeks.

What is the time commitment for our team?

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The time commitment is typically about 6–9 hours, this includes 2–3 interactive sessions with the team and another 2–3 hours dedicated to Automation Discovery Workshops and Recordings.

What processes should we include for assessment?

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Simple, repetitive tasks are most effective and most economical to automate. Common processes include invoicing, sales orders, accounting reconciliation, data entry, system queries, payroll, employee and vendor onboarding, etc.
It is also important to consider factors such as complexity, cost-effectiveness, human interaction, adaptability, resistance to change, and legal requirements.

How is the business case/ROI calculated?

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Many organizations calculate the ROI by using the payback period, which is taking the cost of the automation and then dividing it by the monthly savings of the worker. However, if you only calculate your ROI this way you won’t be able to account for the total value and ongoing impact of that automation on your business’ bottom line.

How do you prioritize automation opportunities?

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Automation opportunities are typically prioritized in terms of complexity (cost/time to implement) and ROI of the automation. For organizations starting their automation journey, it is important to find opportunities with quick paybacks and corporate visibility to drive the automation adoption process.

When do we begin implementing automations?

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Most organizations will select one or two of the automation opportunities identified in the Discover 5 Program, and begin implementing within 30 days.

Do you handle implementation too?

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CoSourcing Partners provides a set of comprehensive services designed to handle everything you need to define, implement, develop, maintain, and support your automation journey. Our à la carte services allow you to mix and match services to best suit your operating requirements.

What does the quote include exactly?

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The Discover-5 quote includes:

  • 1 Automation AI/ML/RPA overview session to explain and illustrate the power of automation in your organization/department
  • 1 Process Discover overview to step through the critical elements to help identify a good automation opportunity
  • A guided step-by-step walk-thru of how to identify and capture potential automations with potential savings
  • Individual sessions to answer specific questions regarding process identification
  • A group session to select the Top 5 automation opportunities
  • A detailed recording process for each of the Top 5 automation opportunities
  • A detailed business case analysis for each of the Top 5 automation opportunities including a documented ROI/Payback
  • A final document that includes:
    1. Detailed overview of all processes identified (your Automation Roadmap)
    2. Detailed ROI and Business Case and development cost for each the Top 5 automation opportunities
    3. Detailed cost model for the required automation toolset licenses
    4. Detailed Project Plan to begin your automation journey

How do we get started with Discover 5?

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Simply request a Quote and execute it. The Discover 5 Process can be started as soon as you need.

Who owns the automation IP/code after?

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With all service projects, the Client always owns the automation IP and Code. NDA’s are put in place with each customer to protect any/all information exchanged in the automation process.

How do you help us build internal buy-in?

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The Discover 5 Process builds internal buy-in and speeds the adoption of automation technology by providing training and real-world examples of automation to help Key Stakeholders within your organization. Interactive workshops and automation demonstrations illustrate how automation benefits them and helps them feel confident using automation in their day-to-day work.
Additionally, automation metrics and tracking tools are introduced to measure, report and illustrate the automation benefits of higher productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance, and reduced operating costs.

What results have past clients seen?

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Each client receives five well-defined Business Case documents.

  • Average Savings per SMB engagement = $500,000+
  • Average Savings per Department = $225,000+
  • Enterprise Level engagements average = $1.2M
  • Largest to Date : 72 Opportunities Identified at $5.1M in projected Savings

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