Employee Onboarding


A large consulting firm was outsourcing their onboarding of new hires to an offshore firm that had 8 full-time resources working on this process. Errors were abundant due to high turnover and poor cross-training. Flight changes due to scheduling errors cost approximately $200,000 a year.


During installation and set-up, CoSourcing Partners came in and conducted a week

long operational assessment to create process document and a development

roadmap. Over the next 4 weeks, a seasoned RPA development team came on-site and programmed, tested, and put into production a fully automated onboarding robot.


Post RPA implementation the robot was able to perform all the onboarding activities in 19 minutes with no errors. The client’s payback occurred in month 8; and resulted in a total annual savings of over $600,000 ($270,000 from normal staff, $89,000 from contingent staff, $170,000 in flight errors, and $74,000 from a renegotiated Travel Agency rate).

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