Governance Services

Governance is essential to supporting the growth and stability of an organization’s RPA program. No COE? Let us define and enforce Standards, Best Practices and Quality Controls.

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Governance Services


RPA Governance is crucial to supporting the growth and stability of your RPA program. However, not everyone has implemented a fully functional Center of Excellence to cover all the intricate details related to controls and risk management, resource management, approval processes, or even ethics.

The RPA Governance Service provides the perfect balance needed to ensure that your automations, (developed by anyone from anywhere) are scrutinized by our RPA experts to ensure adherence to coding standards: framework, annotations, and exception handling. This professional oversight not only enforces the consistency and maintainability of your automations, but it also provides surety to your stakeholders that the automations are performing to their fullest capability.

Governance Highlights:

  • Coding Standards
  • Established Policies, Standards, Controls
  • Security and Access Controls
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reviews
  • Reusable Components
  • Defined Responsibilities

RPA Governance empowers your team to be successful. Our professional oversight provides your team with guidance, reduced risk, and enables your organization to achieve your business objectives.

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