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Our UiPath Talent Intelligence Platform offers deep insights into the automation talent landscape, empowering you to identify, acquire, or upskill the right professionals at the right time. With our Talent Flex solutions, you can efficiently source top-tier contingent UiPath experts, close critical skill gaps, and optimize your hiring spend.

Our comprehensive

Intelligent Automation Staffing

Our UiPath Talent Intelligence Platform, powered by UiPath, has helped us build a vast network of highly skilled automation professionals specializing in UiPath technologies. Our platform enables us to identify, assess, and match the right talent to your specific project requirements.

Whether you need to fill skill gaps in your existing UiPath team, staff a new automation initiative, or scale your RPA program across the enterprise, our Talent Flex Solutions provide the flexibility and expertise you need to achieve your goals.

By leveraging our intelligent staffing approach and extensive UiPath talent pool, you can overcome the challenges of finding and retaining top automation talent, ensuring the success of your UiPath projects and driving long-term value for your organization.

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UiPath Developer Roadmap

UiPath Developer Roadmap

Upskill UiPath Developers and implement career plans that are customized for your business. Attract, retain, and grow your RPA COE staff and subsequent automation skillsets. Develop a strategic staffing roadmap for immediate impact.

Contract or Statement of Work

Contract or Statement of Work

Short, long, & Part-time flexibility.



“Try before you buy” - build teams with the right skills and experience.

Direct Hire

Direct Hire

42-day direct-hire industry average. Ask us about our 10-day guarantee

Project-Based Engagements

Project-Based Engagements

This project model allows you to pay a flat fee for a clearly defined scope of work, freeing up time and resources.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Outsource the responsibility for maintaining processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses.

Skill Sets

Top in-demand


Chief Information Officer


Chief Digital Officer


Chief Automation Officer


VP of Transformation


Director of Automation


Director of Transformation


RPA Dev Ops Manager

AI/Forms Design & Modeling Developer

Senior UiPath Developer

UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer

UiPath Associate Certified Developer

UiPath Infrastructure Engineer

UiPath Business Analyst

UiPath Solution Architect

Junior UiPath Developer

Talent Enrichment Program


Our Talent Enrichment Program is designed to help you attract, retain, and grow in-house UiPath expertise within your organization. By leveraging our resources and experienced instructors, you can upskill your existing team members and cultivate a strong pipeline of UiPath talent.

As an added benefit, we assign a certified UiPath developer to mentor and train your team throughout the Talent Enrichment Program. This hands-on guidance accelerates the learning process, enabling your team to earn UiPath certifications within 6 months and become proficient in implementing and maintaining automation solutions.

By investing in your team’s UiPath skills through our Talent Enrichment Program, you can build a sustainable foundation for long-term success and reduce reliance on external resources, ultimately driving greater value from your automation initiatives.

1. Introduction to the RPA Developer Role

2. Data Manipulation

3. UI Interactions

4. Project Organization

5. Debugging

6. Email Automation

7. Robotic Enterprise Framework Overview

8. REFramework Deep Dive

9. Calculate Client Security Hash

10. Generate Yearly Report

After 6 months earn UiPath Certifications

We’re Confident in our Results

10-Day to Hire Guarantee

CoSourcing Partners’ Award-Winning candidate selection process includes our proprietary 16-step screening process which yields up to a 76% submission-to-hire ratio decreasing your time to fill.

When following this process we guarantee a candidate selection and hire in 10 days.

CoSourcing Partners

Intelligent Automation Staffing Results

Step Screening Process


More Passive Candidates Submitted



Average Placement Time

up to


Retention Rate

The candidates we source are experts in

Intelligent Automation

CoSourcing Partners’ candidate selection process looks for extremely qualified candidates who have the skillset and program knowledge of industry-leading companies and software.

Our results speak for themselves

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