Process Assessment Services

We offer 5, 10, and 20 day process assessments. We record the processes, identify optimization opportunities, create business cases, and develop your automation roadmap.

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Process Assessment Services


Our 5, 10, and 20 Day Assessments are designed to form a key-stroke level understanding of your processes by reviewing, recording, and defining optimizations of your top candidate processes. Guided by our Team of seasoned RPA professionals, your organization will step through our proven 4-Step Process to gain a comprehensive knowledge of RPA Process Review & Analysis, Cost & Benchmarking, Business Case Analysis, and Implementation Planning.

Process Workshop

  • Process Categorization
  • Process Walk-Through
  • Process Review
  • Automation Potential
  • In-Scope Review

Data Analysis

  • Volumetric Data
  • Cycle Times
  • Productivity & Performance
  • FTE Analysis

Cost Analysis

  • Payroll Cost
  • Facility/License
  • Transaction Cost

Benchmarking Analysis

  • Time to Process

Complexity Analysis

  • Core Systems
  • Integrations
  • Infrastructure
  • Application Add-ons

Opportunity Assessment

  • Complexity
  • Performance
  • Improvement
  • Cost Savings

Business Case

  • Current Cost
  • RPA Investment
  • Cost Savings
  • ROI

Business Plan

  • Investment Needed
  • Timing for POC
  • Projected Cost Savings
  • Automation Potential
  • In-Scope Review

Implementation Plan

  • Process Priority
  • Cycle Times
  • Productivity & Performance
  • FTE Analysis


Average Improvement in Processing Time Achieved

Average Months to Achieve ROI


Reduction in Error Rate

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