Financial Reporting

Financial reporting

An Enterprise Telecom company was taking too long generating reports needed to close the month-end books, resulting in a small window for analysis and decision making. Completing all 27 reports took three days and needed data from six different systems. Investors were pushing the Client to shorten their close cycle by two days.


Through a competitive bid process, the client ended up selection one of the leading RPA software vendors to being automating their environment. During set-up and installation, CoSourcing Partners came in and conducted a 5-day operational assessment to create process documents, and a development roadmap. Over the next 6 weeks, seasoned RPA Developers came on-site and programmed, tested, and put into production a fully automated and unattended Financial Reporting robot.


Ninety percent of the individuals (in charge of the process) were freed up, and ALL reporting was available by Day One of the close cycle prior to opening. This change alone shaved 1.5 days from the close cycle. 

Thirteen of the reports were determined to be valuable on a weekly basis, further increasing business value.

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