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By leveraging RPA, State and Local Agencies can:

  • Reduce Costs associated to Forms Processing
  • Streamline Public Requests & Inquiries
  • Improve citizen experiences
  • Automate Legacy Processes of an Aging Workforce
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Forms Processing Speed
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License & Permit Renewal Savings

State & Local Government

Municipalities face many challenges like budget constraints, an aging workforce, constituent demands, legacy systems, and security & data privacy concerns. As Municipalities today strive to meet these challenges while maintaining service levels, one solution that can be effectively applied to many activities is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA uses software automation, called “bots”, to perform high-volume, repetitive, or mundane tasks typically done by humans interacting with technology systems and software. Prime activities where RPA can be deployed include Forms Processing, Record & Document management, Validation & Verification processes, Customer Service, and all Back-Office functions.

Forms Processing

Government agencies are heavily burdened by forms, processes, and evolving policies, 58% of citizen-related processes are still paper-driven.

Public Sector (Federal, State, and Local government) agencies stand to gain significantly from digital transformation initiatives like the implementation of automation throughout the agencies’ core processes, as the need for more data, faster processing, and better decision-making drives the adoption of predictive analysis and historical data mining.

For example, COVID significantly increased the demands on agency staff. RPA has provided a much-needed solution to meet the urgency without large scale staff and infrastructure investments. One state saved over 100,000 hours in processing COVID-related unemployment benefit applications and removed the growing backlog within one week.

Inquiries & Requests

Government agencies receive a high volume of requests for documents and citizen inquires. AI-enhanced bots can be used to respond to both demands, improving response time and accuracy.

For example, license renewals can be streamlined and largely automated based on type and expiration date, so that staff members can focus on higher priority tasks. In addition, automated email notifications can be sent to all eligible applicants at strategic intervals throughout the renewal period until they complete their application. One state created a digital solution for Motor Carrier Permit renewal and deployed bots to process the renewals. This improved user experience, accuracy, and cycle time.


It is estimated that approximately 60% of higher education organizations’ process activities can be addressed with RPA. These include:

  • Student facing processes such as admissions, exam & facilities scheduling, and inquires
  • Hybrid processes such as grant administration, student services, and research support
  • Back-office process in Finance & Accounting, HR, and IT support

For example, RPA can be used to analyze student enrollment forms, validate related documents, assess eligibility criteria, and route results to the appropriate staff for review.

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