Supply Chain: Transportation & Logistics

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By Leveraging Enterprise-AI, Transportation & Logistics companies can:

  • Improve revenues and cash flow
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Optimize shipping routes and scheduling
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Transportation & Logistics

Competition, razor-thin margins, and operational inefficiencies due to manual processes are just a few of the challenges facing transportation and logistics providers. Currently it is reported that over 75 percent of logistics providers have not automated key customer-facing processes like scheduling shipments, monitoring changes, and updating customer statuses. When it comes to winning new customers and retaining top accounts, these companies must find other solutions beyond simply cutting prices.

Automation can be deployed to improve:

  • Customer Satisfaction & Responsiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Visibility into the end-to-end supply chain
  • Data Acquisition, Integration & Insights

Customer Service

Whether it be a new request or queries about an existing one, the Enterprise-AI can provide immediate responses or forward the request to the necessary parties that can get it resolved. The automation can also trigger notifications to customers in case of any expected delays. While the current constraint for a customer is within business hours, the AI bot expands them to 24×7.

Receipt Acknowledgement

Nobody gets paid until receipt of goods is recorded. The robot can read the receipts, extract the necessary information, and input the data into the appropriate systems. In many cases, this automation speeds up revenue recognition since receipt acknowledgement is one of the requirements for paying an invoice.

Shipping Scheduling

When we develop automations, we look for ways not only to make a process faster, cheaper, and without errors, but also better. A large logistics client was turning down orders if they did not have an available truck at the requested time. Instead of saying no, we found a way to say yes! A robot now accesses scheduling and suggests an alternate time to the customer via email if no truck is available at the originally requested time. This resulted in increased revenue and happier customers.

Optimal Shipping Approach

In many cases, there is not sufficient time to evaluate the best shipping alternative. As a result, companies may not be optimizing their spend. A robot can quickly assess the various modes of transportation, as well as vendor information, and determine the best available approach.

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