Insurance Policy Administration & Approval

Reveives Request & Forms from Agents

Request Administration & Review

Approval & Policy Creation

Initial Review of Request forms from Agents & Data Enrichment

(Human Action)

Bot Extract Content & Saves Files-   Moves to OCR

(Bot Action)

Data Extraction & Validation Using OCR

(Bot Action)

Validation by a person (if needed)

(Human Action)

Request Data Entry & Validation

(Bot Action)

Policy Approval & Creation

(Human Action)

Targeted For Total Automation

Configured for Accuracy- Only Low Quality Will Be Vailidated Further

Required Data Entry and Checks Are Full Automated and Sent For Review

  • Process is fully integrated within RPA and OCR technology
  • Bot manages several hundred variable and can follow up to 6 different process routes to limit expectations
  • Process has reached the 90% automation thershold
  • Will free up an extra 50% capacity upon successful implemetation

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