December 14, 2023

Jumpstart Your Automation Journey with Discovery 5

jumpstart automation journey

In the fast-evolving landscape of business automation, staying ahead requires a strategic approach that identifies, analyzes, and prioritizes opportunities efficiently. Discover 5 offers a proven step-by-step methodology to streamline your automation initiatives, ensuring a successful and sustainable journey. Jumpstart your automation journey now. 

Uncover Your Automation Potential

The journey begins by requesting a custom quote tailored to your organization’s unique needs. This upfront investment opens the door to tremendous value and insights, setting the stage for automation success. The Discover 5 team promptly engages with you to delve into your goals, processes, and the optimal path forward.

Hear From Discover 5 Clients

Kelli Singer, COO at Nordic Energy, shares her experience: “We couldn’t have been more pleased with the Discovery Process! We uncovered opportunities that represent over 6.9 FTEs in payback. Our 1st automation has been running flawlessly, and we are excited to begin our next automation project with CoSourcing Partners.”

Dan Svoboda, Director of Finance at Lindsay Corporation: “We started with a Discovery Program and within 2 years we were able to realize over $5M in savings with our Automation Program.”


Our Proven Approach: The Discover 5 Methodology

  1. Process Identification Training

Equip your team with the skills needed to continuously unearth automation opportunities.

  1. Stakeholder Workshops

Collaboratively identify processes ripe for automation across various departments.

  1. Hands-On Process Analysis

Gain detailed visibility into workflows and quantify potential savings opportunities.

  1. Detailed Process Efficiencies Review

Understand how to optimize workflows through meticulous step-by-step analysis.


In conclusion, Discover 5 offers a comprehensive and efficient approach to jumpstart your automation journey. Request a quote today and empower your organization to harness the full potential of automation.


Discover 5 FAQs

How long does the Discover 5 process take?

The process is designed to be completed within three weeks, with potential extensions based on the number of participating departments.

What is the time commitment for our team?

The typical time commitment is 6–9 hours, covering interactive sessions, Automation Discovery Workshops, and Recordings.

What processes should we include for assessment?

Simple, repetitive tasks are most effective and economical to automate, including invoicing, sales orders, accounting reconciliation, data entry, payroll, and more.

What does the quote include exactly?

The Discover 5 quote includes several essential components, such as an AI/ML/RPA overview session, process discovery overview, step-by-step walk-thru, group sessions, detailed recordings, business case analysis, and a final document summarizing the processes identified and the automation roadmap.

When do we begin implementing automations?

Most organizations start implementing within 30 days, selecting opportunities identified in the Discover 5 Program.

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