August 9, 2017

Kryon Systems and CoSourcing Partners Team Up to Bring Cutting-Edge RPA Services to the Workforce

kryon systems and cosourcing partners partnership

FRANKLIN LAKES, NEW JERSEY, August 9, 2017 — Today, Kryon Systems, a global provider of intelligent Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) solutions, and CoSourcing Partners, an award-winning full service IT project staffing and consulting firm offering RPA talent solutions, announced a partnership which will bring together Kryon’s unique Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform and CoSourcing Partners’ professional services to offer a complete RPA package to enterprises seeking innovative ways to optimize their operations.

Facing an increasing amount of competition from around the globe, enterprises are searching for new ways to be more efficient while growing bottom-line profits, and RPA platforms such as Kryon’s, which automate repetitive processes across the entire enterprise and enable rapid execution of tasks, are in high demand. However, companies deploying RPA platforms may elect to bring in third-party professionals to create the automation scenarios for the RPA platform to handle. This new partnership between Kryon and CoSourcing will provide customers with both pieces of the puzzle—cutting-edge RPA services combined with a dedicated team to develop a Center of Excellence to manage RPA execution within the enterprise.

“At Kryon, we’re empowering businesses to offload process execution to a workforce that can handle the work quickly and with virtually no errors,” said Harel Tayeb, Kryon Systems CEO. “Robotic Process Automation greatly increases productivity and efficiency, a central tenant in digital transformation. By partnering with CoSourcing Partners, we are bringing innovative RPA solutions to a wider range of businesses in need of new enterprise technologies.”

“Having worked with the Kryon team closely over the last year, we are excited to help train and deploy teams to begin implementing their RPA solution,” said Scott Upp, President of CoSourcing Partners. “Collaborating with Kryon allows us to utilize our professional services expertise to optimize client operations by increasing process efficiency.”

About Kryon Systems
Kryon Systems delivers innovative, intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions enabling digital transformation for enterprises. Using patented visual and deep learning technologies, our flagship platform, Leo, allows companies to automate business processes quickly and easily, for immediate productivity gains, near zero error rates, reduced costs and significant ROI results. Leo supports both virtual and human workforces alike, facilitating the efficient and accurate execution of business processes on any enterprise application. The Leo RPA platform can be leveraged for both unattended (virtual machine) and attended (desktop) automation as well as Hybrid Automation where there is interaction between the virtual and human workforce providing a greater ROI on automation investments and delivering corporate-wide business process improvement.  Join numerous Fortune 500 organizations who are benefitting from considerable cost savings, improved efficiencies, and reduced errors using Kryon’s RPA platform. Learn more about Kryon Systems and its products at

About CoSourcing Partners

CoSourcing Partners is an award-winning full-service IT project staffing and consulting firm offering RPA solutions to organizations looking to gain a competitive advantage in their hiring and workforce management. Visit us at to learn how CoSourcing Partners is redefining how work gets done.

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Raanan Loew


CoSourcing Contact:

Nick Merican


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