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Logistics & Transportation

Competition, razor-thin margins, and operational inefficiencies due to manual processes are just a few of the challenges facing transportation and logistics providers. When it comes to winning new customers and retaining your top accounts, you can’t afford to lower prices any further. “76 percent of logistics providers have not automated key customer-facing processes like scheduling shipments, monitoring changes and updating customer statuses.” To compete, you must be able to offer better service. What’s the highest-impact, lowest-effort way to become more efficient and provide better customer service? Automation.

Top Supply Chain Challenges: 30% Limited Visibility – Limited vivbility into the end-to-end supply chain 22% Data Integration – need to more efficeinty aquire & aggregate information 16% Growth – Manual processes are holding back the ability to handle growth 15% Scalability – scaling processes to handle business growth and transaction volume 11% Speed – need to increase the spped of business 6% Insight – identifying opportunites with inbound transporation

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