February 16, 2022

Outsource IT Hiring – Unlock Business Value

outsource IT hiring

It cannot be disputed; the right personnel are key for any company to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. The phrase “a business is only as successful as its employees” still holds true for any industry. Employees carry out your mission as a business leader and are aligned with the firm’s objectives and goals. We’ll take a look at why you should outsource IT hiring, therefore unlocking business value.

The workplace can no longer be easily defined. Who? What? Where? How? Companies have been facing questions about their workforce. Bottom line – the definition of a workplace has changed, likely for good. Gone are the days where HR simply posts a job, applications reviewed, in-person interviews are scheduled, a candidate is selected, then they come in and start on Monday. At CoSourcing Partners, we offer the following IT Services:

  • Contract Services (on-site/off-site): Temporary staffing. A resource on our payroll, assigned to your company for specific periods.
  • Direct Hire (on-site/off-site): “Permanent” employee, paid by the employer directly with benefits.
  • Contract-to-Hire (on-site/off-site): “Try before you buy” approach. Contracts are usually 6 to12 months.
  • Project Based Engagements (off-site): This model allows you to pay a flat fee for a clearly defined scope of work or project.

Someone charged with the task of identifying and engaging qualified candidates for open or future IT positions now have much more on their plate then pre pandemic. The technical language and industry knowledge of these IT positions are often outside the scope of most HR departments which is why they struggle to find the right talent. When you do find the right talent, the qualification process is just as important. Asking the right questions, understanding what software programs the candidate is familiar with, what specific solutions can he/she solve, and verifying technical certifications are all done by an experienced IT recruiter.

The Costs Associated With Hiring

The final number for each business will vary considerably depending on your industry, the level of the position you’re hiring for, where your business is located, the time taken to fill the position. However, there are general fixed expenses that most businesses will incur when hiring a new employee. When your company uses its own resources to make a hire, consider what may be at stake:

  • Hiring costs: The average cost per hire is $4,129.
  • Time: On average, it takes 42 days to fill an open position.
  • Onboarding expenses: The average new hire costs an employer $3,000 in onboarding.
  • Turnover costs: Although they vary from business to business, turnover costs can range from tens to thousands of dollars to more than 1.5x to 2x one’s salary.

By outsourcing the hiring process to a recruiting agency like CoSourcing Partners, you limit hiring costs, time spent sourcing candidates, the need for internal recruiters, and turnover costs. Thanks to our expertise and Intelligent Sourcing Robots, we pipeline, source, and qualify candidates for your in-demand skill sets. You can be confident that you made the right hire.


From a technology perspective, remote work has placed new priorities on IT departments accustomed to managing a main headquarters and some satellite branches vs. a spider’s web of residential homes. The pandemic pushed many companies to jumpstart or accelerate their digital transformation efforts. A McKinsey Global Survey of executives found that companies have sped the digitization of their customer relations, supply chains and internal operations by three to four years. All these developments have shaken up the traditional workplace for many “office workers.” And yet, 2022 is shaping up to be a year of not just recovery, but of acceleration and innovation – starting with outsourcing IT hiring.

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