March 29, 2022

Redefining How Work Gets Done

CoSourcing Partners’ portfolio of professional RPA solutions and IT services enable its clients to maximize their investments and capacity in the rapid achievement of business goals. With its extensive industry experience, the company can transform its clients’ businesses in the sectors of supply chain, insurance, banking and finance, healthcare, consumer package goods, alongside government and cross industry applications. CoSourcing’s highly trained professionals have the knowledge, skills, discipline, and commitment to earn long-standing, trusted relationships with each client and to ensure all of their RPA & IT needs are met. Whether it’s an automation hurdle or a resource challenge, CoSourcing has the answers. Having earned the title of 2022’s Leading RPA Consulting & Services Firm – Illinois in this issue of Corporate Vision, let’s take a closer look at how we redefine how work gets done.

Redefining RPA – Supported and Aligned With UiPath

Robotic Process Automation is a software automation technology where bots mimic human actions to complete repetitive tasks that now leverage AI/ML for hyper-automation to expand its application and impact. RPA is computer-coded software made up of programs that significantly reduce manual effort. They have cross-functional and cross-application capabilities as well as being foundational in the digital transformation journey. They are also a key accelerator in AI/IoT adoption. CoSourcing Partners is strategically aligned and supported by UiPath – the industry leading RPA software.

So, what makes RPA so important to business functions? Firstly, it improves speed, quality and productivity. RPA bots can be trained to undertake repetitive tasks faster and more accurately than any human ever could, meaning up to 70% in cost savings; 80-90% increased process speed; 24/7 365-day run time; 100% accuracy; fast implementation; and easy to scale.

Secondly, it becomes adaptable to change. Recovering from the disruption caused by COVID-19 requires organizations to become more agile and nimble in dealing with change. Resilience and adaptability are central to overcoming current and future challenges. The benefits of RPA here are enhanced customer service; improved responsiveness; digital transformation support; meeting changing regulatory requirements; and no major infrastructure investment.

Thirdly, it has the perk of freeing employees for more valuable tasks. Tedious and repetitive work can be left behind, enabling employees to take up the jobs of the future, upskilling to implement automation and AI to achieve greater outcomes. This improves employee satisfaction and productivity; increases time for revenue generation; and reduces
outsourcing costs.

Lastly, it gains more value from big data. Many organizations are generating so much data that they can’t process all of it. With RPA, there are many opportunities to gain insights from this data and drive greater efficiencies. This means tapping structured and unstructured data; ensuring data quality; leveraging AI/ML tools and technics; and providing timely insights.

Therefore, CoSourcing’ s RPA solutions enable its customers to exceed expectations in their automation journey by turning their RPA strategies into guaranteed business results.

Redefining IT Services – 10 Day Guarantee

From long-term strategy advisory support to short-term projects to individual contributor and strategic staffing, CoSourcing can quickly scale a response to meet each client’s specific needs, with its comprehensive range of IT services designed to deliver effective, efficient solutions. Its intelligent sourcing robots can pipeline, source, and qualify candidates for clients’ in-demand skillsets. The company’s 10-day guarantee quickly assembles small, nimble teams of IT specialists with the expertise to deliver significant results.

This award-winning candidate selection process looks for extremely qualified candidates who have the skillset and programmer knowledge of industry-leading companies and software. It includes CoSourcing’s proprietary 16-step screening process which yields up to 74.6% submission-to-hire ratio decreasing time to fill roles.


Ultimately, it’s easy to see how CoSourcing Partners has achieved such success within the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, with its dedication to innovation and making the lives of its clients as easy as possible with regards to IT and automation. As it looks towards the future, it intends to continue doing just that: creating ground-breaking technology and providing the most outstanding customer support.

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