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Our RPA Development Center of Expertise offers a full-suite of automation services. The Center provides advisory & full/part time development-based models that provide enterprise access to the skilled RPA development you need, when you need it.


Full Service RPA Development Services

Partnered with the industry’s leading RPA software providers, CoSourcing Partners provides a comprehensive suite of professional services from Design, Analysis, Architecture, Infrastructure, Development, Testing, and Managed Services. Our Center of Excellence, staffed with our certified RPA professionals, produces high-quality processes that are easy to implement, easy to maintain and will scale with your operation to continually increase revenue, eliminate cost, and reduce processing time.

Remote RPA Consulting

From any stage of your automation journey, CoSourcing Partners can help your organization from a distance to gain the expertise needed to make your RPA implementations successful. For those enterprises just beginning their journey, Virtual Training can get you started on the right foot.

Virtual Training:

Step 1 - Examine

Discuss Current Practices with Business Leaders

Step 2 - Train

Train Stakeholders it identify automation candidates

Step 3 - Evaluate

Evaluate the opportunities to eliminate human error and improve turnaround times.

Step 4 - Impact Assessment

Discuss Current Practices with Business Leaders

Step 5 - Prioritize

Identify opportunities based up process complexity, financial and operational impact

Remote Sr. Developer & Business Process Analyst Resources

Accelerate your RPA development with our certified Developers and Business Analysts.

Process Design Document

Produce the Robots

Test the Automation

Demonstrate the Changes

Implement the Optimized Processes

Begin Producing Metrics

Custom Remote Development Subscriptions

Subscribe to development programs. Acquire 60, 80, or 100+ hours of on-demand development or maintenance for your RPA program. Leveraging our certified RPA team, you will be poised for success in your automation journey.

Acquire 60, 80, or 100+ hours of on-demand development or maintenance for your RPA program

5-Step Proof of Concept

CoSourcing Partners offers this exclusive opportunity to initiate your RPA success. Guided by our Certified Team of Professionals, you will receive a Detailed Process & Solution Design Document with 25 hours of Development to jump start your first automation!

Step 1

Process Recording

and Optimization 

Step 2

Automation Process Requirement Gathering

Step 4

Perform Systems and User Testing on Developed Automation

Step 3

25 Hours of Development by Certified Developers

Step 5

Deploy Proof of Concept to Production Environment

Certified On Demand Skill Sets

All of our resources are certified and can immediately begin side by side mentoring and training with your internal employees. This core benefit is the immediate assistance your organization will receive to help you become experts in Robotic Process Automation.

Solution Architects

A Solution Architect understands technology and will go into business units and leverage their domain expertise to gather, analyze, and design solution documents.

Their proven ability to lead a team of developers and testers to implement your automation solutions (including orchestration and code optimization) will help augment your current development team.

Infrastructure Engineers

An Infrastructure Expert will come into your environment to assess and recommend solutions needed to implement RPA solutions into your organization.

Starting with taking stock of the clients current infrastructure, the Infrastructure Expert is then able to install and set-up the full-suite of RPA software including developer, tester, and production environments while futureproofing your investment for scalability over time.

Process Analysts

The Process Analysts will work with your team to review operational activities to assess processes ripe for automation.

They will record and document these activities (in the form of strategic roadmaps and project timelines) to facilitate development.

Process Analysts serve as the liaison between the client operations and developers.


Developers have the ability to develop technical solution designs based upon process documents, and can perform development and trouble-shooting on new and existing robots.

Having our experienced resources work hand-in-hand on real automation projects (rather than proof-of- concepts) accelerates knowledge transfer, and prepares your team to face future development obstacles head-on.

Managed Services

The Robotic Process Automation Managed Services allows organizations to ensure they are fully supported post-project delivery with a comprehensive range of services. Our Managed Services are designed with flexibility in mind.  Customers can tailor the service to their organizational needs, supporting all elements implemented during the delivery phase. 

  • 24/7/365 Service Available

  • Support available across North America

  • First, second, and third level support available

  • Support for multi-vendor environments including UiPath, Blue Prism, Kryon, etc.

  • Built on a proven scalable and resilient technology

  • Includes full testing through to UAT plans and scenarios

  • Can be used to supplement in-house RPA teams

  • Enables you to focus on future RPA development over support
  • Provides a new level of assurance to the organization
  • Allows you to grow RPA without the people overhead
  • Can be scaled as the organization grows
  • Ensures that all future projects will be supported post-project
  • Unifies the way RPA is supported across the organization
  • Allows complex processes to be supported
  • Ensures that the roadmap features are assessed and incorporated

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