OnBase Case Study

RPA Solutions for ECM Systems


Disparate databases were used for the majority of the reporting (daily/monthly). There was a lot of manual effort taking data from various spreadsheets and OnBase. Creating these daily reports took 9 FTE’s 1.5 hours daily. By implementing an RPA solution, reporting is now fully automated and takes under 4 minutes, and is ready first thing in the morning.

System Support

A clients process to gather Systems Supports level of effort and data compilation was falling behind as the volume of requests increased. Project Managers manually compiled the data through a series of emails requesting information and then moving that data to 3 separate templates housed in OnBase. By deploying a robot to perform this task the process has been completely automated, and has reduced error rate to 0.

Eligibility Process

A large insurance company uses
OnBase to function as a repository for all pending applications. The organization needed multiple full-time employees to manually review each application for exceptions. Automating these workflows via Robotic Process Automation has allowed staff members to proactively manage exceptions which has made acceptance and denials of applications faster, while also reducing headcount in this department by 75%.

Employee On-Boarding

For a large financial services firm
on-boarding new employees was an unwieldy and time-consuming process that required multiple departments working together to meet strict start dates. Developing a Robot has allowed for the automatic assigning of onboarding tasks and deadlines to the correct departments while real-time updates to the new hire. This automation has uncovered numerous bottlenecks within the process and has led to process improvements that have yielded process efficiency improvements of over 30%.

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