December 30, 2021

Top RPA Trends for 2022

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Automation has always been an evolving technology: rapidly growing, constant innovation, and broader adoption signify what it’s all about. Automation is now the top trend in tech (Mckinsey). According to a recent Gartner survey, more than 80% of organizations say they’ll “continue to increase” automation spending this year. In 2022, automation will accelerate across the enterprise, faster than ever before. Here are the top RPA trends for 2022.

Trend #1: Semantic automation ramping up (AI & ML)

“We’re laying the groundwork for semantic automation,” explained UiPath CEO Daniel Dines. Semantic automation reduces the gap between how software robots currently operate and the capacity to understand processes the way humans do. Humans can spot similarities and infer how to complete tasks when being taught a process. UiPath bots are evolving to a point where they’ll be able to make similar inferences. Some call this hyperautomation or intelligent automation. This is a huge step forward for RPA.

Trend #2: CIOs will call the shots on automation

We’ve seen automation initiatives come from a variety of positions within an organization: Chief Technology Officer, Innovation Officer, IT, Chief Strategy Officer, Operations Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, and Process Improvement Managers are just some of the current shot callers when it comes to automation implementation. While those execs will still be critical when it comes to cross enterprise-level adoption of automation, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) will be focused on centralized governance, visibility, and control of their automations.

Trend #3: HR will manage a workplace where humans and bots work together

As the workplace continues to shift, (see our blog about The Great Resignation), “hybrid human-digital workforces will be a commonplace” according to UiPath. “People will work side-by-side with their virtual robotic assistants, sharing tasks, handing off work, taking it back dozens of times a day. HR will have to manage this relationship and train workers on how to coexist and effectively use automation and desktop assistants. Training the employee to use automation for repetitive tasks, will be a welcomed conversation since it will allow them to focus on more valuable higher-skilled work.

Trend #4: Companies will build RPA Centers of Excellence (CoE)

It’s a well-known automation best practice in larger enterprises to create RPA centers of excellence. A Center of Excellence (CoE) is the way to embed RPA deeply and effectively into the organization, and to redistribute accumulated knowledge and resources across future well-designed deployments. CoE ensures an organizations automation journey accelerates after the initial bots are fully deployed and delivering real value. Having an experienced UiPath Gold Partner like CoSourcing Partners, support an emerging in-house RPA CoE team, allows employees to more quickly and efficiently achieve maximum impact from automation.

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