March 5, 2020, Chicago – CoSourcing Partners, a  Robotic Process Automation and IT services company, today announced partnership expansion with UiPath by becoming the first North American Certified UiPath Service Network Partner. As an elite delivery partner CoSourcing Partners will deliver state of the art RPA solutions and implementation services, with the same level of professionalism as UiPath’s professional services team. 

This new partnership will offer a variety of services including providing Assurance Services, implementation support, USN Partner Hotline Support, and highly skilled Certified UiPath resources in each of the key RPA engagement areas such as Infrastructure, Architecture, Business Process Analysis, and Development. This will create an environment where client processes are less likely to fail and are easy to maintain while being easily scalable and resulting in increased cost reduction, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

With enterprises making larger investments into Robotic Process Automation it has become paramount that they partner with implementation partners that have a proven track record of success. “The USN certification serves as a market differentiator against the other RPA delivery organizations,” says Scott Upp, Managing Director of CoSourcing Partners, “the UiPath USN partnership will help our customers create culture, structure, programs, and policies that help people find meaning in their work so we can all thrive in our future.”

“Being the first North American Certified USN Partner is a great honor.” says Rita Brunk, Executive Vice President of CoSourcing Partners, “It is independent verification of the UiPath expertise we have assembled internally, and of the value that we bring to our RPA customers at every stage of their automation journey.”

For more information about CoSourcing Partners, please visit More information on UiPath can be found here.

About CoSourcing Partners

CoSourcing Partners™ is a Chicago-based Robotic Process Automation and IT Services Company. Our portfolio of professional RPA solutions and IT services enables our partners to maximize their investments and capacity in the achievement of business goals and the realization of rapid returns. We are a dedicated team of professionals who value long-term relationships and take pride in achieving customer satisfaction. The company has quickly developed a track record of highly successful automation and IT projects by delivering top talent and employing RPA proprietary tools to build and maintain workforce performance.

About UiPath

UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes.