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Give time back to your employees and capacity back to your organization. CoSourcing Partners offers customized solutions to automate your work.

How Can CoSourcing Help You With Work Automated?

From HR, Purchasing, Payroll, and Sales, our automated solutions benefit all facets of an enterprise. These solutions are able to be fully integrated within the systems that you already have. These Solutions are able to be implemented in two distinct ways: Cloud based and On-Premises depending on needs of your organization with payback within weeks.

Sourcing Robot

Pipeline, source, and qualify candidates for your in-demand skill-sets by using CoSourcing Partners Intelligent Sourcing Robots. Clients have realized up to a 150% increase in finding qualified candidates. 

Sales Robot

The Sales Assistant will:


Automatically reach out to Prospects via LinkedIn


Disciplined Follow-up


Track connections, replies, follow-ups, and message success

Every 4 minutes: our Sales Assistant will take the loaded prospect list, find the next prospect in line, navigate to the Prospects LinkedIn, request a connection with a short introduction message.

This is 180 new potential connections per day (assuming 12 hours on, 12 hours off), 1080 per week!

HR, Procurement, and Onboarding Robot


Background Checks – 100% Accurate, 30-60% Reduction in Process Time


Contract Creation and Management – 80% reduction in Process Time


Invoicing – 90% reduction in Process Time


Database Management – Cleansing and Updating Records

Workforce Automation

Place the employees of your choice. We offer automated payroll processing services and management of benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. You focus on your core tasks and avoid administrative headaches and co-employment risks by simply sending one email.

Let CoSourcing Partners enable your success.

Whether it’s a technology challenge or a resource challenge, we have the answers

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