Tailored Analysis and Technology for Talent Management

Our Workforce Audit Benefits

At CoSourcing Partners, we have worked with every size organization. The expertise we have gained partnering with large businesses has led to the creation of our vendor management software application to grant small to mid-size companies the power to centralize their labor purchasing that was previously impossible to achieve.

Our Workforce Audit and software application provide better budgeting and cheaper purchasing of labor. The regular stream of talent via one centralized portal is a benefit smaller organizations will find revolutionary in its ability to increase hiring efficiency. Tracking an IT workforce, implementing controls around buying consistency and hiring quality, and reviewing performance metrics will turn any organization’s workforce into a resourceful and well-organized powerhouse.



Phase One: The Audit

CoSourcing Partners sets itself apart by our in-depth customization to best meet a client’s staffing needs. The process starts with the analysis of current company conditions. We take a look at what is working well, service quality, timeliness, engagement rates, spending levels, supplier performance, governance, and any other factor necessary. This collection of information includes working with leaders in an organization to gain a detailed view of every factor surrounding their IT staffing.

Once the analysis is complete, the assessment begins. We provide a clear and in-depth review of every opportunity to save money and improve efficiency in spending for contingent labor both within IT and across other departments. This includes a look at best practices currently in usage, automation opportunities, management, timeliness of approvals, visibility, and supplier mix and makeup.

Within 45-60 days the audit is complete. Key questions about workforce requirements have been answered, and the results of the audit now are used for optimization opportunities in future planning and cost savings through our customized application suite.

Phase Two: Technology

The CoSourcing Partners Workforce Application Suite is now implemented into an organization. We customize and configure a branded portal for the client, determine workflows, provide webinars, upload contracts, and centralize the data surrounding the workforce as bill rates begin to normalize. This technology consolidates the acquisition, onboarding, management, and payment of contingent labor similar to the methods very large organizations have been enjoying for years.

A Tailored Solution

Our Workforce Audit and software platform are not one size fits all. We identify opportunities that are specific to a business and determine where workforce management efficiency can be improved.

Harness the Power

If you’re ready to harness the power of improved workforce operations for your business, let’s have a conversation.